TRANUS English

TRANUS: Integrated Land Use and Transport Model

TRANUS is an integrated land use and transport modeling package. The system combines a state-of-the-art model of activities location and interaction, land use and the real estate market, with a comprehensive multimodal transport model. The combination of these two models produces the highest benefits, but the transport model may be used as a stand-alone component, especially for short-term projections. The main characteristics of the modeling system are:

  • Very flexible activities location and land use model, applicable to a wide range of scales and contexts
  • Transport model to represent both passengers and freight movements and multiple interacting modes (intermodality)
  • Probabilistic logit combined modal split and assignment procedure, exclusive of the TRANUS model
  • Detailed and effective representation of the public transport system, with multiple transfers, waiting times, integrated fares, etc.
  • Economic, financial and environmental evaluation
  • Powerful graphic interface with an intelligent database (object-oriented) and capable of dealing with multiple scenarios. Fully integrated with QGIS.
  • Applicable to any scale, from detailed urban level to regional and national models
  • Long-term projections for strategic studies
  • Very detailed short-term projections
  • Completely free and open-source. Easy installation from QGIS, also a free and open-source software.

Click here for a General Description of the TRANUS system.